Dogecoin Cloud Mining

Working with our service, you do not need to purchase expensive equipment

Dogecoin is a coin that smiles to people. By mining Dogecoin, you will support the work that his community is doing. Only you can choose whether to get Dogecoin or not. The future is here.

It's easy to start

Cloud mining is great for beginners who want to try mining and earnings, as well as for experienced users who do not want to bother with equipment and take a significant risk.

270% Profitability

You get bonuses immediately after registration, you can start mining 1 DOGE each day or you can create a deposit with contract length 90 days and get 3% profit each day.

24 hours a day

We guarantee instant connection, round-the-clock access, easy management, daily payments and high-quality technical support.


Questions and Answers

How do I start?

You must register with a dogecoin address.

What is the minimum to deposit?

The minimum deposit amount is 100 DOGE, you can deposit as many times as you want.

I sent less than 100 DOGE, what should I do?

Your transaction will not be processed and not refundable.

My balance did not arrive?

You must click the "Check Deposit" button to check your deposit when the transaction network has 1 confirmation.

What's the minimum to take out?

When your balance raise to minimum withdraw (100 DOGE), just click "Withdraw" that the service will be instantaneous with zero rate.

Is there any transaction fee charged during payouts?

Yes, we charge small mining fee of 2 DOGE for each transfer.

How to change the address of my Dogecoin wallet?

You can not change the wallet after registered.

Did you have a Partner program?

Take full advantage of the 10% commission on every single purchase your referral user makes.

I did not visit my personal account for more than 2 days and noticed that I was credited less than the estimated income. Why?

Users who use only a free are required to visit their office at least once everydays. Otherwise, the mining will be suspended until the next visit to the office. This restriction is associated with dead souls in the project and cuts off the falsification of registrations.

88 Days Total Works

724,346 Ð Total Payouts

7,102 Total Users